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A mixture between modern and traditional  Vietnamese Coffee Shop. Drink and food choices represent The North, The South, and The Central regions of Vietnam. Coffee beans and tea leaves are grown and selected from the finest sources in Vietnam Central Highland’s local farms. All dishes are crafted from a coalition of famous Vietnamese chefs using imported ingredients. Phi Coffee and Tea is where you will find a cultural taste of Vietnamese cuisine in America.

Serving: Vietnamese Pho, Noodle Soup, Rice, Banh mi, Vietnamese Milk Tea, Vietnamese Coffee, Boba, Smoothie, Flavor Milk. 

Popular Dishes: Com Tam Phi (BBQ Ribs Broken Rice), Thai Green Tea, Avocado Smoothie, Corn Milk, Flan.

Vietnamese Modern Coffee Restaurant
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Creativity is limitless.

Since 2018
Japanese Ramen & Curry 

Second in global popularity amongst Japanese cuisine after sushi are undoubtedly Ramen and Curry. Kinju Concept was created by the Kolben Conceptor Team & Chef Kotani. Dishes in the menu is the combination of each unique region of Japan with the main influences and inspirations drawn from Chef Kotani's Japanese root. The menu was created from local fresh products or imported directly from Japan. If you ever wondered how Ramen and Curry might taste in Japan without having to hop on a plane - you can find them here at Kijnu Ramen. 

Serving: Katsu Curry Rice, Ramen, Udon, Donburi, and Sushi

Popular Dishes: Chicken Katsu Curry Rice, Shio Tonkotsu Ramen

Since 2019
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Chinese Cuisine

Dimsum, the traditional small plates of Chinese Cuisine. Luk Dimsum is where you can find all the popular tapas-styled dishes often served at round tables out of mobile carts. From the Dimsum of mainland Shanghai or Hongkong, we proudly offer the regionally famous Frog Congee from Singapore, or the many diverse options of noodle soups from many street corners of Taipei, Taiwan.

Serving: Congee, Dim Sum, Rice, Noodle, Herbal Soup

Popular Dishes: Singapore Frog Congee, Hainan Chicken Rice, Roasted Duck Noodle. 

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Since 2020
Hanoi Cuisine

1914 by Kolben is a new restaurant introducing authentic and unique Vietnamese cuisine to the DC Capital. We strive to provide a professional service and warm hospitality for visitors who seem to enjoy a cultural experience of the Capital of Vietnam, inside the Capital or the United States.

Locations: Washington DC

Serving: Broken Rice, Pho, Vietnamese Street Food

Popular Dishes: Bun Cha Ha Thanh, Pho Ga, Com Tam

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Another Concept is coming soon

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